OK, we’re back on track for both Dark Reflections: Zen and Dark Reflections: Chaos. In sync updates will resume weekly and we will make up the lost week soon by having two updates in an upcoming week not long from now!

Or if you join the Exiern Patreon $1 tier, you can read every Dark Reflections: Zen page up to Page 102 right now!

Art by A + A

Story by Zen

Next Dark Reflections: Zen page on May the 4th 2021 and the next Dark Reflections: Chaos page is tomorrow on the 28th of April 2021

As of today, Dark Reflections: Chaos up to Page 77 at present can be seen by clicking on the banner below or Page 78 on the Patreon at the $1 tier and by midnight American East Coast Time, up to Page 79 will be available at TGC Comics (please note the site as a whole is NSFW).